Strengthen Your Florida Home Against Hurricanes with My Safe FL Home

My Safe Florida Home
Program is re-opening July 1, 2024 
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As Florida faces the ever-present threat of hurricanes, the reintroduced My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program in 2022 stands as a beacon of support for homeowners. Aimed at bolstering homes against hurricane damage and easing the burden of property insurance, we're here to navigate you through the MSFH program benefits, ensuring your home is a safer, more secure fortress.

Don't wait for the next hurricane to test your home's defenses. Contact us to learn how the My Safe Florida Home program can help protect your property.

How My Safe Florida Home Program Benefits You:

  • Step 1: Complimentary Wind Mitigation Inspection
    Eligible single-family homes can receive a no-cost wind mitigation inspection. This critical assessment reveals how prepared your home is for hurricane conditions, pinpointing both strengths and areas for improvement to enhance resilience against storms.
  • Step 2: Home Improvement Grant Access
    Post-inspection, qualifying homeowners could access substantial grants for recommended home-strengthening upgrades. Beyond bolstering your home's defenses, these improvements could lead to significant reductions in your annual insurance premiums.
  • Step 3: Insurance Savings
    By participating in the MSFH program, your investment in eligible home improvements is matched by the state, amplifying your contribution and maximizing safety upgrades. This not only promises potential savings on insurance but also affirms your dedication to safeguarding your family and home.

Program Details and Limitations: The MSFH program has specific guidelines, including a value cap on eligible homes, available funding available, and restrictions on certain types of properties and improvements. For comprehensive program details, eligibility criteria, we encourage visiting the MSFH official website.

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